What to Do If a Tooth Breaks or Chips

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If you have an accident that results in a broken or chipped tooth, you can visit the dentist to get it fixed. While getting to the dentist is the main goal, you can do a few things to help ease discomfort and make sure the tooth is protected.

– You may want to rinse your mouth out to clean it up. In this case, some warm water may be more helpful than cold.
– If there is any bleeding, applying some gauze to the area may be able to minimize or stop it.
– A cold compress can be used to reduce swelling and ease discomfort.
– You may also want to gather the missing pieces of this tooth. We may be able to use them the when restoring it. If you cannot find them, do not worry. We can still restore your smile without them.
– While we try to treat everyone promptly, there may be some instances where we cannot treat you immediately or you may not be able to reach us very quickly. You need not be alarmed, because you can cover the tooth with dental cement, which should keep it protected until Dr. Grafton Teets, can see you.

Our team at Gulf Coast Dental Care of Biloxi, which resides in Biloxi, Mississippi, is happy to help you out whenever you need us. Feel free to call 228-273-8989, and we will schedule your visit and answer any questions you may have.