Toothbrush Care While on Vacation

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When you go on vacation, be sure you include a toothbrush in your luggage. Since you are away from your home, you may need to do things a little differently to keep the toothbrush clean. If you wonder how, here are some ideas that can help you.

A container, such as travel holder or cap, that has some ventilation can help you keep the brush more germ-free. A container that closes off the airflow from the brush can keep it wet, and remaining moisture can allow bacteria to multiply. However, ventilation can let the brush dry, which can put a serious damper on any bacteria trying to replicate themselves and help you protect your mouth.

After rinsing the brush, we recommend letting the brush dry before you put it back in the travel container. You can place it on a tissue while it dries. We also recommend rinsing the container with water, so it can be clean too.

You may also want to take the toothbrush out of the travel container when you get home. We understand that it is tempting to just leave it in there, but separating them can reduce the risk of bacteria build-up.

Finally, you may want to replace both the brush and the travel container after about three months. Bacteria can still build up on these tools over time despite your best efforts to stave them off. With the replacements, you can start off with a clean slate and stay healthy.

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