Tips to Improve Your Smile With Dentures

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How familiar are you with dentures in modern dentistry? In years past, dentures often got a bad rap for their inability to comfortably fit into an individual’s mouth. However, dentistry has come a long way to allow dentures to now be customized to each individual’s dental profile for the seamless look that you desire. Furthermore, they can even be customized to help blend in with your natural smile.

However, if you do have dentures, it is important to make sure you are caring for them properly. Here are a few tips to help keep your dentures clean and safe:

– To avoid contamination, always remove your dentures every day or night to allow them to soak in a denture-cleaning solution. Be sure to rinse off the solution before inserting them back into your mouth.
– If you leave your dentures sitting out anywhere, they will dry out and crack. Make sure they are always placed in a solution when not in use.
– Dentures are fragile, so you must handle them with care. If any damage should befall your dentures, bring them into our dentist for repairs.
– Dentures can be damaged by everyday products such as teeth whiteners or bleach, so avoid using any products that can be particularly abrasive on them.
– Dentures can be designed for a few teeth at a time, known as partial dentures. However, if you wish to replace an entire dental row, complete dentures can be customized and crafted as well.

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